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Localization means more than a mere translation. If you want to expand your business, you need to linguistically, technically and culturally adapt your products having a user interface or containing special documentation to the local conventions of your target market.
Thus, Prolingua offers you first-class quality websites and software localization, with the help of specialized software applications and stylistic guides and terminological glossaries, specially set up for ensuring a high level of linguistic consistency.
In today’s Internet-driven age, creating and maintaining a well-promoted website, as well as translating it into several foreign languages are becoming the international standard. It is equally one of the most efficient methods to ensure the development of your business on the entire international market, through a focused and well-expressed message.
Appropriate localization of a website often requires major adaptation of current HTML files, Flash, graphic or text files and other features.
Our website localization process ensures that information and codes (character sets, date, time, currency, and number formats, contact information, colors and text alignment, etc.) meet the expectations of your international target group.

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